The Herpes Talk – Why Is Self-Confidence Important When Telling Someone You Have Herpes

Your success of The Herpes Talk is based upon three very powerful, yet fundamental core concepts.  Self-confidence, Attraction and Knowledge.

From the moment I heard my doctor say, “You have genital herpes” I felt the self-confidence drain completely out of my soul.  In one single fraction of a moment I went from a self-confident man to a timid puppy with my tail tucked between my legs.

Does this feel familiar?  This is true for the majority of people living with herpes too.

Developing and regaining your self-confidence is the absolute critical concept of telling someone you have herpesSelf-esteem is your acceptance and comfort with yourself. It is not quite the same as self-confidence, which doesn’t necessarily require a real underlying foundation to demonstrate.  Self-confidence is the observable portion of your self-esteem. Interestingly enough, the two feed and reinforce each other.

For the purposes of how to tell someone you have herpes, self-confidence is the sum of your behaviors and attitudes that demonstrate your independence, security and attractiveness – this doesn’t just apply to the single’s scene but also to the whole world around you.

In order to succeed in herpes dating you have to commit to developing and maintaining your self-confidence as a lifelong process and you must commit to working on it every single day.  This was true before your herpes diagnosis and is even truer now.

Does this disappoint you?  Were you thinking that by simply learning and implementing the things that I’ve outlined on this website, that you’d never have to do anything more for the rest of your life?  Well, you’re partly correct.

Once you’ve reached a certain comfort level with having herpes you can keep that level going for quite sometime.  But if you stop reinforcing your sense of value, you can begin to slide backward.

No matter where your confidence level is right now, it can be raised higher.

You have to stop being a punching bag. It’s time to find your inner power again.

You’re going to need to take action to change your current state of mind. You’re going to have to start getting disgusted with the way things are if you want them to change, so I’m going to give you the steps for you to do just that.  All those sappy self-help books on the shelves of the bookstores love to try to explain this stuff but rarely do they give you any course of action to take.

No action works unless it comes from a belief system of a self-confident person!

Self-confidence is something that will vary from day to day, and from week to week. If you keep working on the things that matter to you, and you keep reinforcing the core concepts, you can raise it to new and unbelievable levels. But it does take work. (NOTHING worthwhile in life comes without work. Accept that right now.) Pay attention and commit yourself to this path.

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