Telling Your Partner You Have Herpes – Low Self Confidence Will Kill Your Chances

Being affected by low Self-Confidence is tremendous issue with those of us who have herpes and are faced with telling your partner you have herpes. It is really so unbelievably common.

A staggering 95% of the men and women that I have coached who have been diagnosed with herpes have experienced problems with Self-Confidence when they are faced with having to have The Herpes Talk.   Even though feeling under-confident isn’t deliberate, lots of people have a problem with it their entire lives.

  • No one sets out to get HSV 1 and HSV 2.
  • No one really wants to be nervous, uncomfortable or embarrassed when telling someone you have herpes.


  • No one sets out to get trapped in a job they don’t really like simply because they don’t have the Self-Confidence to switch careers or start their own business.
  • No one sets out to get trapped in a dis-empowering relationship or social circle, encompassed by folks who do not genuinely love and care about them.
  •  No one sets out to be indecisive and procrastinate.
  • No one set out to have difficulties financially.
  •  No one sets out to be chubby and out of shape.

Still while you might not have purposefully attempted to have this stuff in your life, it’s a risk-free bet that a few or all of them impact your life in one way or another.   Regrettably most of these issues typically do not resolve themselves and generally, they will really become worse.   It’s important that you learn how to regain your self confidence while at the same time, learn how to tell someone you have herpes.

  • HSV 1 and HSV 2 will not suddenly cure itself
  • An inability to confidently tell someone about  herpes doesn’t suddenly get better over time.
  • A below average career will not all of a sudden improve. It works just like a slow sinking ship over a period of several years.
  • A poor financial problem (an excessive amount of debt, possibly not making enough money, not experiencing financial flow) does not amazingly resolve itself.
  • A dis-empowering social circle or romantic relationship scenario does not all of a sudden turn out to be positive and encouraging. Generally it drags a person lower with every passing year.
  • A struggle with your weight or insufficient physical exercise won’t improve by purchasing the next exercise gizmo or studying yet another diet book.

Without the Self-Confidence to change these types of circumstances we quite often feel trapped when telling your partner you have herpes.

Instead of making the improvements, many of us choose numerous kinds of distraction — web surfing, TV, video gaming, uncontrollable drinking, cigarette smoking, eating, harmful drugs, and so forth.

Deep down, the deficiency of Self-Confidence and unhappiness develops due to the fact we all know our lives have become way off track.

But exactly how do we make it better?

You can only go for so many years being scared of telling a partner you have herpes.  At some point it will start to deteriorate your Self-Confidence.

Seriously now… is it not far better to confess that we have to deal with our Self- Confidence problems rather than denying we have them?

A lot of people give in to denial. These people behave like they may be growing, changing and successful, when in actuality absolutely nothing is substantially changing for them.

So , just how can a person decide if you need to use some help in developing your own Self- Confidence?

There’s a straightforward method that can determine your existing Degree of Self-Confidence with 100% accuracy and reliability.

Exactly what does your recent past point out about your Present Degree of Self Confidence?

If there is little if any proof that substantial change has happened EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE within the previous 3 months, it really is safe to say you might be trapped and you also lack Self-Confidence in having The Herpes Talk and how to tell someone you have herpes.

And if you cannot see any kind of genuine measurable improvement in the last year, then you’re REALLY trapped and should heavily consider seeking help in developing your self confidence.

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