Sex With Herpes – Valuable Tips to Protect Your Partner

Sex with herpes can be as good, if not better once you have had the herpes talk with your partner.  Revealing something so personal about yourself will open the doors for an extreme intimacy and closeness that quite possibly, you’ve never experienced before.  Will you allow yourself to step through those doors?

As ironic as it first appears, many people feel that having sex with herpes will somehow be ruined or not the same as before their diagnosis when in reality you can have some of the most pleasurable sex of your life…if you know how to protect your partner.

Protecting Your Partner is Extremely Important When Having Sex With Herpes

Protecting your partner when having sex with herpes isn’t all that difficult but it does take time to fully understand the things that you and your partner will need to learn.

What I mean by this is, you are going to have to become intimate with your own body.  You are going to have to become fully aware of everything your body is telling you.   You can’t just stop having sex once you begin having herpes blisters and expect a full level of protection.   You are going to have to become hypersensitive to every tingling sensation.  Every itch.  Every flu-like symptom and not totally disregard them.  You are going to have to treat each and every symptom as if you are having an active outbreak…at least until you fully understand when an outbreak is coming on.  Your body will tell you when it’s getting ready to have an outbreak but it will take time to learn when it’s safe and when to abstain.

Many people have an overwhelming sense of guilt when the subject of herpes and sex is thought about.  The fear of infecting someone you care deeply for leads some to only date other people with herpes.

I recently answered a woman’s cry for help when she learned that she tested positive for HSV-2.  She was in a new relationship and was seriously considering breaking up with him…if he tested negative for HSV-1 and HSV-2.  She was tearing herself up inside thinking about the possibility of infecting her boyfriend.

On the surface, her concerns appeared to be valid.  But while looking underneath the surface, things began to look a bit more cloudy.  You see, she was thinking of taking away the choice of her boyfriend to stay with her and accept the risk of contracting herpes.  She was so scared of passing on the virus that she was blocking the very thing that she wanted so much…a loving boyfriend who was ready to accept the risk and move forward in the relationship.  She simply didn’t trust her own feelings even though it was clear that he fully trusted hers.

Oral Sex With Herpes

I often get questions concerning oral sex with herpes.  Most are directed towards HSV-1 or cold sores and spreading the virus to the genitals of a partner.  But it also works the other way around.  A person who have HSV-1 in the genital area can transmit the virus to partners when oral sex is performed.  This is especially true for HSV-1.

From the research that I’ve conducted it’s clear that HSV-1 in the genital area can be passed more easily during oral sex than HSV-2.  It seems that HSV-2 is a lot more sensitive to it’s environment.  What this means to you, is although its possible to transmit HSV-2 from the genitals to your partner’s mouth it is highly unlikely.  However, it’s much more likely that HSV-1 in the genital area can be passed on to a partner’s mouth.  This is another good reason to know what type of virus you are carrying.

I know…there is just so much to learn when having sex with herpes that it may cause some of you to give up.  My challenge to you is to begin paying attention to all the herpes signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing.  Writing down how you are feeling, the crazy little tingles and scratches may be difficult but the intimacy that you’ll experience is well worth the effort.

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