Lysine for Herpes

Lysine for herpes is the most common and probably the most effective natural treatment for herpes available.  Never heard of lysine for treating herpes outbreaks?  The following explains lysine…

What Is Lysine for Herpes?

Lysine is an essential amino acid. This simply means that it is necessary for human health but the body cannot manufacture it on it’s own.  The only ways to get lysine into your body where it can help fight the virus is either through foods with lysine or through lysine supplements.

Furthermore, lysine is a necessary building block for all protein in the body.  It also plays a significant part in your body’s ability to absorb calcium.  It is also a building muscle protein that also plays a major role in the body’s production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.
Why is Lysine an effective home treatment for herpes?

There have been numerous scientific studies that HSV must have the amino acid, arginine to replicate.   To put it into simple terms, arginine is “food” for herpes and is a required amino acid for the herpes virus to become active, grow and  is essential for the virus survive. The primary benefit of herpes lysine is its ability to inhabit the metabolism of arginine.

Consumed in adequate doses, lysine has been shown to slow down or block the growth of the HSV. This means when you take lysine supplements in the right doses your outbreaks twill heal  faster and happen less often.

Studies also suggests that a high lysine – low arginine ratio suppressed the herpes virus from replicating. Although individual cases vary the optimal ratio seems to be 3:1.

To reduce genital herpes outbreaks eat a diet that is high in lysine and low in Arginine.  Taking lysine supplements and having a diet that is high in lysine and low in arginine are effective for reducing the occurrence, severity and healing time of genital herpes outbreaks.

Recommended Dosage For Lysine for Herpes

There are lots of foods that are high in lysine and the recommended dosage of lysine supplements varies from person to person but a typical dose to maintain remission is 500mg-1250mg daily. This was the amount of lysine required to affect the herpes virus in clinical research studies.

The recommended dosage for a person with an active genital herpes outbreak should be increased to between 1 to 6 grams (1000-6000mg) between meals to promote healing. However, we do not recommend taking a dose any higher than 3 grams or 3,000mgs per day (during an active outbreak). Following this guideline should provide you with enough lysine to effect the arginine balance and halt virus activity.  Lower dosages have been proven to be ineffective, especially when you are experiencing an active herpes outbreak.

Lysine for herpes is a powerful natural treatment for herpes.  It has been proven over and over again to be very safe and has virtually no side effects. Taking herpes lysine supplements with other vitamins and minerals that are known to be effective against the herpes simplex virus (bioflavonoids, zinc and vitamin c) can increase its effects by as much as 200%. A combination of these vitamins and minerals are proven to give better results than lysine alone.

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