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Finding reliable and trustworthy information on herpes is one of the most important things that you need to do during your journey of controlling the effects the virus has on your body and dramatically increasing your self-confidence.  I’m not talking about the basic information about herpes that you’ll find on nearly all websites.  I’m talking about the real information from real people who have been successfully and happily living with herpes.


Because you’ll find that both herpes 1 and herpes 2 are not the monster STD’s that they are made out to be.  And you’ll discover that even though you’ll have HSV for life,  the virus can be easily treated and managed.  So much so that some days you’ll forget you even have it!

 Most Information on Herpes is Ugly

Most information about herpes that you’ll find either online or in some sort of printed version paints HSV as some sort of devastating virus that invades and destroys your body.  Most information on herpes is really scary and even I get a little unnerved when reading it.  But life’s reality is totally different.

Another reason that you want to find out all about herpes is that you’re going to have to be able to answer questions that your partner will likely ask.  And you’re going to have to answer them in a calm and confident way that doesn’t scare them.  Your answers will have to assure them that you know what you’re talking about.  They need to know that you are going to do every thing in your power to protect them from the virus.

You’ll be surprised to find out that just how far this will take you in the eyes of your partner.

More than likely your partner will be uneducated about the fundamentals about herpes.  Much the same as you were before being diagnosed.  Their perception of the virus will be formed from the social stigma surrounding with the virus.  The weak STD lessons in high school, and from listening to those people who don’t have the virus telling them how terrible it is to have it.

The stigma surrounding genital herpes is enormous and you’re fighting an uphill battle before you even get started.  It’s your responsibility to properly educate your partner when having the herpes talk and provide them with real and reliable information on herpes.

Since you’ll be providing them with information that may be contradicting to their own thoughts and perceived knowledge about herpes, you may find that they will challenge what you’ve just told them.  This is a good thing because if your debate is logical and presented in a confident manner, you’ll be unconsciously building an even higher level of attraction.

Before you even think about getting back into the herpes dating scene, spend a considerable amount of time gathering as much information about herpes that you can.  And don’t hesitate to refer your partner to this website.  You’ll be reinforcing the information on herpes that you’ve just provided them.

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