I Have Herpes

I Have Herpes!  Uttering those words is, in an odd sort of way… liberating.  It also sounds like something that should be coming from an AA meeting rather than a website dedicated about how to tell someone you have herpes.

Well, I suppose that it is similar.

Accepting that you have an alcohol problem is the first step to recovering from an alcohol addiction and similarly accepting that you have herpes is your first step to freeing yourself from it’s grip on your life and happily living with herpes. It’s the first step in moving forward and regaining control over your life and never feel powerless again.

For many people accepting herpes as a permanent part of their life will be difficult but it is an absolutely critical part of getting your life with herpes under control.

If dating and finding a soul mate wasn’t hard enough, life with herpes presents it’s own challenges in the dating world.

The stigma surrounding genital herpes is enormous!  And you’ll quickly find yourself struggling trying to convince a partner that herpes is not the monster that they were led to believe.  The real herpes facts are quite clear but the general public are clueless about herpes.  Either they don’t know or they ignore the statistics showing the ever growing numbers of just how many people have herpes in this world. Or they deny that they too could be the next person to join our ranks.  Or it’s possible that they simply don’t care.  Either way, you’re battling the false assumptions of a stigma that is based in rumors, jokes and just plain wrong  beliefs.

There is nothing wrong with saying the phrase, “I have herpes”.

And it certainly doesn’t have to hard to tell someone you have herpes, especially if you’ve found that “1 in a million” person.  But all too often, people fail miserably and miss out on many opportunities for finding love.

Why do some people have constant success while others fail?  What are the magic words they use?  How are they dealing with herpes? What is their secret to success?

I’ve seen ordinary-IQ people succeed beyond belief.  And I’ve seen bright people fail miserably.

So the difference is not intelligence.

I’ve seen a few “Lucky Folks” have success with the herpes talk by simply “winging it” without following any proven path for success.  Don’t count on duplicating their success because I’ve also seen people try harder than humanly possible and fall flat on their face.

So the difference is not trying harder, although that does help to better your odds of telling someone, “I have herpes”.   This is especially true when you combine hard work with the right frame of mind when controlling the psychological effects of herpes.

So what’s the bottom line?  There is no single path to successfully feeling liberated.

However, the people who fail do possess certain habits that almost guarantee failure.  When looking at the people who succeed it’s very clear that they don’t have these habits.

You see, success if merely the absence of failure.

You need to take a good look at yourself.  You need to look deep inside and root out all the self imposed failure obstacles that you possess.  It’s not going to be easy.  And it might be painful but the absolute best way to succeed is to ELIMINATE THE REASON FOR FAILURE.

There is a reason why people fail to have consistent success when telling someone “I have herpes”.  Most people won’t look inside themselves for it though.

Success is not going to be easy.  Nothing in life worth doing is ever easy but if you keep trying and refuse to fail you’ll suddenly find yourself experiencing that awesome feeling freedom from herpes.

Does everybody have success while following my advice and program?  Of course not.  But if they try, I’m here for them.  Anybody who keeps trying is my hero and my inspiration.  And anybody who keeps trying will ultimately succeed…sooner rather than later!

Refuse to fail.  Refuse to expect that failure is an option when telling someone “I have herpes”.  Be a winner and keep doing everything until you’re there.  And that word, “everything” includes self-improvement.

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