How to Tell Someone You Have Herpes – 4 Tips You Must Know

How to tell someone you have herpes is one of the most asked questions from people living with herpes. While at the same time, telling someone you have herpes is one of the hardest and the most feared things that you will likely encounter.

There’s really never any shortage of people offering their advice on the subject.  And on the surface their advice seems practical and logical.

But no matter how practical and logical their advice seems to be, there are still plenty of people getting rejected or politely given the cold shoulder until they finally get the point.

So if the advice is practical and logical, then why do people still get rejected at such an astonishing rate?

It’s because…

No action works unless it comes from the proper belief system and mindset!

In other words, you can gather up and memorize every tip, tactic and scenario that you can find on telling someone you have herpes.  And you can say the exact same words with the exact same person and they simply will not work for you. Why?

Because of your belief system about yourself and herpes.  And it all starts with regaining your self-confidence.  For many of you, developing your self-confidence is a new area but it is absolutely critical that you begin building this strong foundation now.  But that’s not all that has to be done.

Listed below are my 4 critical elements to having consistent success when learning how to tell someone you have herpes.

1. Self-Confidence: Self-confidence is the most important critical element. Self-confidence is the sum of your behaviors and attitudes that demonstrate your independence, security and attractiveness. A lot of people associate self-confidence with self-esteem. Although they do feed and reinforce one another they are not quite the same. Self-esteem is your acceptance and comfort with yourself. Self-confidence is the observable portion of your self-esteem. Work hard to accept that HSV is a part of you and develop self-confidence and you’ll have success.

2. Attractiveness: Attraction is an extremely powerful emotion. This alone will often override a person’s basic thoughts about dating someone with herpes. If you meet someone and interact with him or her and they DO feel attraction for you, then there’s nothing he or she can do about it! And no amount of logic, thinking about it, or peer-pressure can stop it. In fact, some people will endure abuse, neglect, and all kinds of other horrible things because they just can’t overcome their own emotion of attraction. Attraction is an emotion that is stronger than logic, stronger than social peer pressure and certainly stronger than herpes.

3. Knowledge About HSV and How it Affects You: You’d be surprised to learn just how many people who have HSV who don’t know much about the virus. For many people the only thing they know about HSV comes from Snooky on Jersey Shore. It is an absolute requirement for you to conduct your own research and know as much as you can about the virus before having “The Talk”. Think about it…if you don’t know the transmission rates then how can you communicate them to your date? How can you assure them that you will do your part to protect them when you don’t know much about the virus and how it affects you personally.   Sign up now for my FREE Report!  It’s jammed packed with a lot of necessary information about herpes.

4. Language or How you Deliver “The Talk”:  The way that you communicate and tell someone will drastically affect their reaction. Be positive and don’t be dramatic. You could say, “I have herpes which is an extremely painful and incurable sexually transmitted disease. If you decide that you want to continue to date me, it’s in your best interest to get tested” or your could say something like, “I just wanted to let you know that I have cooties! Not really cooties, they are a lot more serious than what I have. I have HSV. The herpes simplex virus. It’s really not the monster that it’s made out to be. I watch my diet, get a reasonable amount of exercise and control the stress in my life. I also take medication that drastically reduces it’s physical effects and it reduces the chances of transmitting it. With just a reasonable amount of caution, I can have a safe and extremely fulfilling sex life too!” See the difference?

You’ll have to experiment around with what works for you but you’ll find that if you have developed your self-confidence, learn just a few tips for creating attraction, learn all that you can about HSV and how it affects you and practice a few ways that you can deliver the talk, then you’ll never have to worry about how to tell someone you have herpes again!  It’s really that simple and extremely effective.

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