The herpes talk and life with herpes can be very stressful, and many people simply need an outlet, need some help managing their life, or need help making their life more fulfilling.  This is exactly where my coaching program comes in.

As your personal “Living With Herpes Coach”, I will provide you with the guidance and answers you are looking for during this difficult time in your life.  Working together, we’ll help you figure out what it is that you are looking for and why you feel incomplete in some way.

Another important question you may have is what can I do for you?

As your coach, I’ll listen to your story, ask you questions and help you find what you’re looking for.  I’ll help you determine what is important in your life, help you set goals, and then help you achieve them.   You and me…we’re going places because we’ll  be work together.

Although it may not seem to be complicated, coaching is not a simple process, however, I am an expert in the areas of your life that need fixing up, whether that be relationships, handling stress, career paths, investing in your own business, family and parenting, and many other aspects of life that can be confusing without stable support systems to help you navigate through it all.

My sessions for this are not in person, but rather consist of a couple phone calls a week and some email exchanges. I’ll also occasionally check in on your progress. I structure sessions this way to facilitate independent thinking and to help you learn how to eventually handle these problems on your own.

There are many things in life that are just too difficult to handle alone, especially living with herpes.  Sometimes friends and family do not provide us with the right guidance because they’ve never had to deal with the things that we’ve had to endure.  Having a coach that has been in your shoes and experienced the life with herpes ups and downs is often your best solution.  If you follow me I’ll guide down a path of love, happiness and prosperity.

I know the perils of having herpes and losing control of all that is around you. But can I tell you a secret?

It happens all the time. There is no reason to feel like you are all alone in your confusion because you are not.  Dealing with this virus trying to maintain a sense of balance is not an easy feat; but it can be done.

There really is nothing like having personal coach. Someone who understands your problems and has the life with herpes experience to get you though this troubling time.

The best way to learn about it is to experience it for yourself! I would love to introduce you to the world of coaching in an absolutely free, “no strings attached” consultation.

If you are interested, simply Click Here to set up an appointment.

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